ahabadgeAHA! badge designs2 years
ctf-websiteThe website for a Capture The Flag competition.5 years
gnunet-webA GNUnet web application.13 months
i-bus-interfaceA project for interfacing with the BMW I-Bus5 years
jerryA tool to make Ubuntu more useful to specific users4 years
pdf2gerberPDF to Gerber converter.11 months
perUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.5 years
potluck-ctfPotluck CTF Scoreboard4 years
tankputerFish tank computer3 years
tinyTeslatinyTesla mods3 years
treexprRegular expressions on trees.3 years
CardDAV-SyncProject obsoleted by DAVdroid years
GNUnet-in-ClojureA re-write of GNUnet in Clojure. http://gnunet.org5 years
foofsA flexible distributed encrypted filesystem which focuses on redundancy and loca...5 years
sdl-examplesExample graphics code for beginning C programmers.5 years
builderA stand-alone build engine inspired by Gentoo's ebuilds.3 years
clojureThe Clojure programming language http://clojure.org5 years
clojure-contribExtensions and enhancements to the Clojure libraries. http://clojure.org5 years
cpuminerCell BE optimized miner for litecoin years
decompAn HTML to Clojure translator5 years
emscriptenEmscripten: An LLVM-to-JavaScript Compiler5 years
emscripten-fastcompLLVM with the emscripten fastcomp javascript backend5 years
emscripten-fastcomp-clangemscripten clang5 years
familiar-linuxA mirror of Familiar Linux. http://handhelds.org5 years
gnunetAmatus' GNUnet stable branch https://gnunet.org18 months
gnunet-debiandebian packaging of gnunet5 years
libhildonUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.5 years
linuxLinux kernel source tree5 years
llvmhttp://llvm.org5 years
meta-oeThe Recipies Layer5 years